Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life in this world

In what assurance we are living in this world. We are not sure whether we will alive in this world the next second. But till that ultimate second we keep planning things.Not only planning but also interfering in others lives.Are we all enjoying our life that god has gifted us ?????.Nobody is happy with what they have.Everybody is unhappy with what they don’t have. One of my classmate passed away yesterday by a bike accident.No one used to really talk about him much.But now everybody has such nice things to say about him.But i feel it shouldn’t be in that way. We need to interact with people and we should accept the way they are.We may not know that might be the last talk that we might have with him.So just don’t wait for any occasion to mingle with others.And don’t ever bother about what others will say if you talk to him,just do whatever your heart says .Just live your life how you want to.Don’t ever ask anyone to take decisions for you.Take decisions yourself.Have faith in yourself and be ready to take risks. So enjoy each and every moment of your life …

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